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The Gifts Project Unwraps - eBay & Index Ventures Inside

The eBay deal is a tier-1 endorsement for social commerce by an ecommerce giant. But also, it’s a major vote of confidence in The Gifts Project’s ability to support major online retailers.

How to Use Facebook to Drive Higher Sales?

So what is so amazing about this simple business model? It is truly social. It also has real strategic benefits for eBay. The company can sell a greater volume of more expensive items. And since individuals are, in essence, advertising the service to their friends, it lowers eBay's cost of acquiring customers.

The Gifts Project wins the Innovate!100 competition for 2010

The Gifts Project was selected as one of the most outstanding and fast-moving startup companies from around the world on The Innovate!100 List For 2010. The List was developed after more than 30 Pitch Slam events on five continents over the past 10 months, as part of the Innovate! 2010 program.

The Gifts Project ties a bow on a $1 Million round for social Group Gifting

What makes The Gifts Project compelling in my opinion is not only the size of opportunity in social commerce, but that it’s designed to sit rather cozily within the online purchase flow.

When you wish upon a list

Group Gifts helps you find and buy the right gifts by taking advantage of social networking and group buying- With this feature, several people pool their money without one person chasing down those who owe money.

eBay makes it easier for friends, relatives to chip in for gifts

Group Gifts lets you do in three minutes what is otherwise a time-consuming and painful process that can take weeks to complete.

Go to Facebook before you go holiday shopping

Pitch in on gifts for friends with eBay's Group Gifts and get gift suggestions for friends based on their likes and interests.

The Gifts Project wins TechAviv NY Zell startup 2010 competition

Each year, promising start ups come to NYC to compete live in front of the TechAviv Founders Club New York to crown the year's most promising Zell startup. The much deserving winner of this year's TechAviv NY Zell Startup Compeition was The Gifts Project with 62% of the audience vote.

eBay + Paypal + Facebook Connect = Group Gift-Buying

In the case of giving big gifts on a small budget, Group Gifts enables users to "share the love (and the expense) by buying a group gift with your friends."

Social networking for the holidays

Users select an item ihey want to give as a group gift and connect with friends on Facebook to collectively pay for it.

eBay revamps home page, offers shared gift giving

Group Gifting helps people collectively pick up an expensive present that they normally couldn't afford individually. It was designed to address a real world need for people who want to join together to give a bigger and better gift for someone they care about.

Outlets, Group Gifts and more

Group Gifts, a groovy new feature integrates Ebay with PayPal and Facebook to allow people to chip in on big-ticket presents via their friend lists.

eBay launches service to help with group gifts

Group gifts removes the hassle of partnering up to buy someone a gift for the holidays. I can tell you the next time I have to coordinate a group gift this is the way I am going to do it.

New Group Gifts app allows donors to organize a joint gift via Facebook or e-mail, no cash collection required

This is a "huge" move and a major step forward in using social networks to sell products.

Group Gift-Giving made fun

This service has made the process of group gift-giving more enjoyable and affordable for all.

Facebook ramps up big eCommerce drive

Group gifting lets web users interact while buying.

Group Gifts helps friends and family chip in on gifts

Group Gifts is a new tool that makes it easier for friends, family and co-workers to come together in communal giving.

Give and sell more easily with Group Gifts

Organizing the "gift from all of us" can be a complicated affair- If you're the person to whom this task typically falls, Group Gifting makes your life considerably easier.

Never Mind the Valley: Here's Israel

Tel Aviv melds the best of both the Valley and downtown New York. It has given rise to a diverse range of startups including a gift-giving platform The Gifts Project.

The Gifts Project leverages the social graph for real gift giving

The notion of having friends chip in to gifts for other friends is clever, and there is significant market growth potential in online group gifting (given that the majority of this activity likely still takes place offline). The advantage of being able to reach out to one's social graph is compelling.