Meet the Team in 160 characters (who said 140 is better?)

  • Ron Gura, Co-Founder and CEO

    Ron is a proficient debater who breathes the air of a virtual world. He lives right next door to the office and he is the glue that keeps us running with his endless enthusiasm.

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  • Matan Bar, Co-Founder and Chief Product

    Matan (Berry) dreams to become a soccer player and is a devoted sports fan. He is using his balling skills to deliver the unbelievable in a blink of an eye.

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  • Erez Dickman, Co-Founder and CTO

    Awarded the most athletic geek of the year award, Erez is a health nut, connoisseur, smart and stylish. Oh, and he can code too.

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  • Maya Gura, Co-Founder and Chief Gifter

    A natural Gifter who passionately plans the best surprise parties, organizes group gifts since childhood and upgrades any gifting occasion with a personal touch.

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  • Asaf Gartner, MacGyver

    Mysterious and passionate about coding and tortillas ONLY, Gartner, a true problem solver, likes cracking technical issues like how to remotely activate the office AC.

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  • Danni Friedland, Ruby Master

    Danni, a former hacker, is fascinated with comics, and Open Source hardware and he used his passion to build Group Gifts electro-board for our awesome deck.

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  • Yonatan Bergman, Senior Ninja

    Yon is a geek who loves graphic design, beer and creating stuff. He makes us use an app he developed overnight to efficiently order pizza.

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  • Adam Farhi, The Software Guy

    Adam is our software designer for client-server apps who loves researching new technologies, new sandy beaches and Sci-Fi classics in the movies scene.

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  • Rachel Adelman, Office Manager

    Rachel is the most conscientious person in Tel Aviv. Politically active and addicted to shopping & volunteering, this superwoman can accomplish the impossible.

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  • Ziv Meltzer, King of GUI

    Ziv is the creative persona behind many cool things we do. He invented the wild mix of yellow with blue on our site, and claims: "First I’m a user, then a designer".

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  • Martha, Dog

    Marti takes care of our basic need: she reminds us that there's life outside the office, and pee out of the box. She also chases her shade.

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  • Money Plant, Plant

    While keeping our office space green and pretty, the plant removes volatile chemicals and stimulates enough fresh air per person in our office.

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Our Investors

  • Eyal Gura

    Eyal Gura is the CEO and Co-Founder of PicApp , the world’s leading source of professional visual content for bloggers. Formerly Eyal Co-Founded PicScout , which became the world leader in copyrighted content tracking. Eyal is a graduate of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program of IDC Herzliya and earned his MBA from the Wharton Business School.

  • Dr. Yossi Vardi

    Dr. Yossi Vardi is one of the pioneers of the high-tech industry in Israel. He is godfather to more than 70 startups, mostly in the jumping Israeli high-tech sector. Among them Mirabilis, creator of the highly popular instant messaging program ICQ . The company was acquired by AOL, to which he still serves as an advisor. Dr. Vardi leverages his broad technology background and experience gained from a successful track record of high-tech investments to provide valuable insights for us group-gifters.

  • Gemini Israel Fund

    Gemini Israel Fund is a leading Israeli venture capital firm specializing in investments in seed, start-ups, and early stage companies.

  • Index Ventures

    Index Ventures is a leading global venture capital firm with offices in Geneva, London and Jersey. Index has invested in over 100 early through growth stage tech, biotech and clean tech start-up companies across Europe, Israel and the US.