The Gifts Project is a social ecommerce platform for Group Gifting that helps online retailers, marketplaces and gift stores leverage their shoppers’ social buying experience.

Our white label solution brings major ecommerce websites a Social Group Gifting Platform with a winning combination of social networks and group payments integrated directly into their checkout process.

Group Gifting helps customers share special occasions with their social graph by allowing friends to chip in for each other’s gifts, while shopping at their favorite online store.

The Gifts Project is a product of Appchee Applications Ltd.

Our story

The idea for The Gifts Project was formed when a good friend moved to California around the time of his birthday. On his special day, he received many (106) warm greetings on his Facebook wall and lovely virtual gifts (12), but not a single tangible gift from his wish list.

We are four partners and friends for many years, so we decided to change this situation by chipping in to buy him a BIG memorable gift- our first Group Gift. Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy. Who picks the gift? Who shops? Whose credit card should we use? How do we collect the money? Should we split it equally? How do we ship the gift?

We decided to remove the awkwardness from Group Gifting by making the process of selecting the perfect gift and collecting money easy and affordable, even when people are far away. And that’s what we do.

How we do it?

The Gifts Project offers a one-stop-shop for various Group Gifting solutions.

We offer online retailers a series of unique products which bring the social layer of Group Gifting directly into their website. Our Social Plug-in can be comfortably integrated into any product page, enabling users to make a Group Gift out of any item. For leading ecommerce brands we offer a white label solution with a winning combination of social networks and group payments, including a customized Facebook Application and advanced Analytics Dashboard.

What exactly is Group Gifting?

Group Gifting enables customers to share special occasions with friends by providing them the opportunity to join together to buy a Group Gift on their favorite retailer's website. Creating a Group Gift is a simple and fun process which includes four main parts:

Start a Group Gift

The first step is for the gift organizer to select a lucky recipient and a special occasion. The organizer picks the perfect gift and decides how much she wants to collect from friends. Next, she invites friends to contribute through social networks and/or email invitations, making this gift affordable for everyone.

Friends chip in

Fellow gift givers can contribute money with a credit/debit card or via their PayPal account. The amount each person contributes is confidential to all but the Group Gift organizer. Fellow gift givers can also invite more friends to participate or start a new Group Gift for someone they care about.

Track performance

The organizer can manage and track the gift’s progress. Features include the ability to cancel or change the gift, decide when and how to purchase the gift and invite more friends to participate. The organizer is the only one who can view the contributions and send reminders to the invitees.

Give the gift

When the Group Gift is fully funded, the organizer can purchase it with the money collected. The gift will be sent to the doorstep of the lucky recipient. The gift recipient will also receive a personalized e-greeting card from all who contributed to the gift.

Who is it for?

We work with online retailers, marketplaces, wish list companies, registries, wedding sites, gift stores, and anyone who wants to enhance their customers' shopping experience.