Group-Gifting Plug-in™

The Gifts Project’s Group Gifting Plug-in is your opportunity to tap into your shoppers’ social graph, and is a proven way to uplift your ticket price, bring new users to your site and grow the average revenue per user.

The Plug-in overlay sits comfortably on any product page to enable users make a Group Gift out of any selling item on your site.

What's in it for you?

  • Grow revenue by lifting your average ticket price
  • Tap into your shoppers’ social graph
  • Enhance your customers' shopping experience on your site
  • Boost your brand with viral channels and targeted traffic
  • Increase engagement on your site
  • Make your brand social, and gift-buying efficient and fun
  • Requires minimal integration

Group Gifts made easy

The way Group Gifting Plug-in works is a simple and ingenious process that includes four main parts: Invite Friends, Friends Chip in, Track and Buy Gift. When the organizer decides to purchase a gift together with friends, all she needs to know is who the gift is for and how much money she wants to collect after her personal contribution (optional).


The organizer can invite the gift-giving participants either through social networks or email invitations. Another option to spread the word out is by publishing a newsfeed on Facebook, posting a tweet on Twitter, or sharing a URL on any website, blog or IM. She can also determine if the participants will be allowed to invite others to contribute towards this gift.

Friends chip in

Fellow gift-givers can contribute money with a credit / debit card or via their PayPal account. The money each person contributes is confidential to all but the Group Gift organizer. Chippers can also invite more friends to participate in the Group Gift or start a new gift for someone they care about.


The organizer has few options to manage the Group Gift: she can purchase the gift and get reimbursed later; she can cancel or change the gift and invite more friends to participate. She is the only one who can view the contributions and send reminders to the invitees.

Buy Gift

When the Group Gift is fully funded, the organizer can purchase it with the collected money. The lucky recipient will get the gift straight to his doorsteps with a personalized e-greeting card sent to his email from all the participants.

The Plug-in can be easily implemented in 3 steps:

  • Select the location where the Group Gifting Widget will be located on your product page.

  • Place the customized code to display the Group Gifting Widget next to the product details.

  • Watch an immediate increase in engagement.

Key features

  • Group Payment – our smart payment system helps collecting money for the gift and reassures no one is charged until the goal is reached.
  • Friends Calculator - gifters can easily calculate how much they need to collect if split equally.
  • Social Channels – friends can easily select and invite friends using their social networks.
  • Email Notifications – users receive gift status updates that prompt them to visit your site.
  • GroupCard – friends sign together a unique collective e-card and send it to the gift recipient.
  • AddressBook Importer – gifters can import their friends’ email contacts from an AddressBook.

Group payment

The organizer collects contributions by using a tailored group-payment functionality where each person pays separately for his share. Fellow gift-givers can contribute money with a credit/debit card or their PayPal account. When the Group Gift is fully funded, the organizer can purchase it with the collected money. The total amount will be transferred to the organizer by one of the several payment methods provided by The Gifts Project.

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