Group Gifting Social eCommerce Platform

Our social ecommerce platform for Group Gifts helps online retailers to leverage their shoppers’ social buying experience. This B2B Platform offers online retailers, marketplaces and gift stores an opportunity to tap into their customers’ social graph by letting friends to chip in for each others gifts while shopping at their favorite ecommerce websites.

Your Group Gifts Solution

  • Presents a fully branded Group Gifts section on your site
  • Offers personalized gift suggestions based on friends’ social profiles
  • Grows revenue by lifting your average ticket price
  • Taps into your shoppers’ social graph
  • Enhances your customers’ shopping experience on your site
  • Boosts your brand with viral channels and targeted traffic
  • Increases engagement on your site
  • Makes your brand social, and gift-buying efficient and fun
  • Requires minimal integration – we host and maintain your platform

White Label Solution

Our white label solution offers you a Social Group Gifting Platform with a winning combination of social networks and group payment integrated straight to your checkout process. We provide your audience with a valuable money saving service which encourages repeat visits to your website while providing you with a profitable new revenue stream.

We work with you closely to define the best entry points based on your needs and preferences in order to create an interface that matches your business objectives, and carries the look and feel of your ecommerce site. During this process, we characterize the desired features, a road map and the customization level needed for the site. Our team specializes in customized solutions and works globally with our clients to help assimilate the Group Gifting Platform in their systems smoothly and efficiently.

Our 360 scalable and robust solutions include on site implementation within an iframe (if required) to help millions of users daily to search and find the best gifts out of over 200M products using a friendly, simple and fun interface.

In order to reassure a seamless experience for the user, we utilize a public/private API integration that doesn’t require any development effort from the retailer’s side. We work with a fully scalable cloud, and provide real time server monitoring and technical support.

How it works?

To demonstrate how the Group Gifting Platform works, let’s click on the Group Gifts button on your gifting section of the website where shoppers normally come to search for gifts. That gifting area includes information about gift cards, gift wizards, registries or wishlists on your site and is optimal for adding the Group Gifting Platform.

The way Group Gifting works is a simple and ingenious process that includes four main parts:

Start a Group Gift

Start a Group Gift’ landing page incorporates the best practices for maximizing conversion rates after a long series of complex A/B testing.

Who’s the gift recipient?

The organizer of the gift has to decide who the gift is for and what’s the occasion. This important information helps the organizer to find a perfect gift by sorting the personalized product catalog based on recipient’s demographics and the gifting occasion.

At this point, in order to make it easier to pick a friend, the user can log in to their Facebook account.

Find a gift

Product catalog searching and browsing capabilities are enabled on this section of the site using a public/private API integration to include a customized list of selected merchandise.

The Group Gift organizer can easily browse through ‘popular gift ideas’, ‘top selling Group Gifts’ or search the customized catalog to find the best gift for his friend. The organizer can also choose to use the ‘get social search suggestions’ feature to get personalized suggestions based on the recipient’s social profile.

After performing the search, he can learn about the selected gift by reviewing a customized details page that includes gift specifications, size, color, model, etc.

Split the cost

Splitting the cost between friends is very safe and easy. Once the organizer finds the perfect gift, she can calculate how much money she needs to collect from friends by the contribution deadline, and input her personal contribution (optional).

The organizer collects fees by using a tailored group-payment functionality where every person pays separately for his share. Fellow gift-givers can contribute money with a credit/debit card or their PayPal account. When the Group Gift is fully funded, the organizer can purchase it with the collected money.

Entering PayPal account information is one example of how she can collect money for this Group Gift:

Splitting the cost between friends is the last step to starting a Group Gift.

This user friendly process lets customers do in three minutes what is otherwise a time-consuming and painful process that can take weeks to complete.

Invite friends

Finally, the organizer can invite the gift-giving participants either through social networks or email invitations. She can also determine if the participants will be allowed to invite others to contribute towards this gift.

Send Facebook Message - By using Facebook messages, the organizer can select her friends on Facebook and send a message directly to their inbox.

Invite friends via email - In addition to sending Facebook messages, organizer can send invitations by email and import her contacts from various email providers.

Spread the word - Another option to spread the word out is by publishing a newsfeed on Facebook, posting a tweet on Twitter, or sharing a URL on any website, blog or html page.

Friends Chip In

Fellow gift-givers can contribute money with a credit / debit card or via their PayPal account. The money each person contributes is confidential to all but the Group Gift organizer. Chippers can also invite more friends to participate in the Group Gift or start a new gift for someone they care about.

Track performance

The organizer has few options to manage the Group Gift: she can purchase the gift and get reimbursed later; she can cancel or change the gift and invite more friends to participate. She is the only one who can view the contributions and send reminders to the invitees.

Give the gift

When the Group Gift is fully funded, the organizer can purchase it with the collected money. The lucky recipient will get the gift straight to his doorsteps with a personalized greeting sent to his email from all the participants.

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